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Tabletop rpg paintings and sketches

Brave Face

  Thorn Bathu from The Shattered Sea trilogy by Joe Abercrombie

Shine a Light

Following a Caged Bird

Another piece belonging to the Crow’s Above series Please check me out on Patreon! and Deviantart, Tumblr

Crows Above

King of Coins

Knight of Coins

My work flow means I’m usually posting at night, and I’ve noticed I’m gaining a European audience! You wonderful people get to see these before my North American crowd does, on Tumblr the… Continue reading

WIP, Guard’s intuition

A sneak peak at an illustration in the works. I’m incredibly excited to finish this! It has to go on hold while I wrap up a few commissions but I hope to finish… Continue reading

Year of the sheep

Goblin Atelier

11 x 14, watercolor and ink Created for the Feature Creature show at the Fall Gallery in Vancouver, $420 there All of my art is posted early on Patreon :). Please support me.… Continue reading